Referring to topic you have to login with different game accounts on server if players are using same ip address.

Chucky Saturday, 2 March 2019, 20:04 [UTC]

Server update has been finished.

Chucky Saturday, 2 March 2019, 19:56 [UTC]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2019!

iSoSyS Monday, 31 December 2018, 23:59 [UTC]


The votesystem has been changed. From now you have to be logged in for using this. To prevent other manipulation no player clones are allowed from now. 

Chucky Tuesday, 7 August 2018, 20:54 [UTC]

Update of operating system

Yesterday and day before there was a system update of operating system so game servers were shutted down. Unfortunately our webserver was still down for a short time. Everything should be normal now. Thank you for understanding.

Chucky Tuesday, 29 May 2018, 18:25 [UTC]