Chat client

Right now I am playing around with an IRC client that can be used as easy as a web chat but has the advantages of a full program, e.g. can be opened locally from desktop and without browser and keep all your settings, like a nickname or styles (color designs). No IRC knowledge necessary, basically the only thing you need to do is pick a nickname and then you can start chatting. Strictly speaking, not even that is necessary if you don't mind chatting with a random nickname ;-)

The client is only working on Windows right now (might change later). It can be customized for any community, obviously the one offered here got a branding and is preset to join our IRC network and our server channels. If you would like to help me testing it you can get it the here and use it instead of the webchat: download

I would be glad if you help testing it and let us know about your experience with it or any bugs you find directly on our chat.


Download the executable file and save it in a place where it can create additional files (it's writing logs to the same folder). Recommendation is to create a new folder named "" in your "My Documents" folder and save the file there. Afterwards run it from there.

Don't run the file directly from your downloads list/folder of your browser as it would most probably prevent from starting properly.

Disclaimer: The IRC client has to be considered early alpha stage and might have lots of bugs. Use at your own risk!

YorVeX Monday, 21 April 2014, 23:16 [UTC]

Server settings change

Server 1: Currently is tested our updated city builder. We need more feedback. If you like or dislike something at the new city builder, please explain it at server board in forum.

Server x5: An arctic aircraft server with a 500 mil goal. Trains are limited to 2 tiles train lenght. Starting year is 1960.

Enjoy the games.

Chucky Friday, 18 April 2014, 18:16 [UTC]

Easter tournament

Due the low numbers of participants the tournament has been canceled.

Chucky Monday, 14 April 2014, 15:52 [UTC]

Server update 1.4.0

The servers have been upgraded to version 1.4.0 of OpenTTD. Get the vanilla client here or get our customized n-ice client with automatic login here.

YorVeX Sunday, 13 April 2014, 16:39 [UTC]

Server settings change

Server 6: Currently is tested our updated city builder. New features were added like more different cargo transporting, new growth and some hidden things. Population goal that must be achieved is 4000, landscape is still temperate.

Enjoy the new city builder.

Chucky Saturday, 5 April 2014, 17:32 [UTC]